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posted on: Friday, August 21, 2015

Wes turned seven yesterday and a middle of the week birthday when school has just started is kind of a bummer, let's be honest. Anticipating that a Thursday wouldn't present the best day to focus on birthday fun we celebrated a little early last weekend by taking Wes to the V-Rock shop in Canton. If you've ever met Wes chances are he has shown you his "collection". This consisting of a mish mash of odds and ends he's found (hoarded) and keeps in his room. It includes small toys, loose change, some feathers, an errant owl pellet from school but mostly rocks. He loves rocks, he's obsessed with geodes and if you ask him what he wants to be when he grows up he will tell you he wants to be a geologist. (Only he pronounces it geo-tologist...insert all the heart eyes.)

So when a co-worker asked me if we'd ever taken him to the rock shop before (I didn't even know it existed!) I started to look into it. As soon as I did I knew this would be the perfect birthday present for him. So we surprised him with a trip there Saturday morning to comb through their storefront and endless warehouse aisles of rocks, gems and crystals to pick out some special things to bring home. 

He was thrilled.


He spent so much time looking through everything, pondering what to get, looking again, and then looking one more time to make sure he hadn't missed anything. He ended up with a couple carved stone animals and his own personal geode on a wooden display stand. Pretty fancy stuff ;)

As a bonus surprise the shop offers gem mining for kids outside  their facility. You can mine for rough or tumbled stones with buckets and a screening tray in their fully operational sluice. The boys LOVED it and when we told the sweet guy who was working that it was Wes's birthday he slipped in some extra big agate slices and other specialty items into his bucket to find. He came home with so many treasures and so many new rocks for his collection. It absolutely made his day. I can not recommend this place enough if you have a little rock lover in your life. Wes already told me that he wants to go again for his birthday next year.

And no Booth kid birthday can go by without a personal pie from Abby to celebrate. She brought over a pumpkin pie last night (Wes's request) and we all sang and had dessert together. I love this tradition and I had to slip these photos in too because they're just so stinking cute. We've got a party planned for tomorrow, but I'm glad we could still fit in a little celebration on the actual day.  

I still can't believe my baby is SEVEN!


  1. Love, love, love all of this! That rock shop though!!!!!


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