Ever's Second Birthday Party

posted on: Monday, November 7, 2016

Somehow, through some time warp beyond my comprehension I am sitting down to write about my baby's second birthday. Has it already been two years? Wasn't she just born? Wasn't she just a warm bundle swaddled in my arms? Or then again, might it have been a hundred years? I can't remember a life before her.  What did we do without her all that time? She has always been here and yet... Ah, time. My oldest foe. 

And so, here we are. My girl is two. Having a November birthday I thought I'd keep her party seasonal and styled it with fall flavors and foliage. The perfect invitation set the tone I was looking for. Feminine, rustic, and a little bit of magic and whimsy too. 

Oh, and REALLY delicious. 

Abby and I (well, mostly Abby let be real) baked the cake and all the desserts, except the cupcakes and chocolate toadstools which I commissioned from Cheryl and which she more than delivered on. All hail the queen! No one does it better - no one.

 I also ordered these AMAZING lollipops with edible wildflowers inside from Sugar Bakers Bakery.

We had homemade soup and biscuits with honey butter and mulled cider to drink - comfort foods - fitting for the season (or so I thought). In reality, it ended up being nearly 70 degrees and so my idea of a warm and cozy party inside was a little bit waylaid. But who can be mad at seventy degrees in November?! We rolled with it and happily took the party outside. Ever opened presents on the front porch and the kids all played in the huge leaf pile heaped up in the back yard.  It was perfect.

Happy birthday to my bright, silly, beautiful, sweet daughter! You are the magic in our lives. The breath in our lungs. You make life better every single day. To know you is to love you and baby girl, you are so loved.

I can't wait to spend another year by your side.


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