posted on: Sunday, November 6, 2016

I know this is way past the fact at this point but I've been so distracted with planning Ever's birthday party this week that it's taken me awhile to sit down and put these pictures into a post. Better late than never? I'm going with it. 

Since Halloween fell on a Monday this year, and mondays just happen to be a day off for me, we thought that would be the perfect day to revive our one year old tradition of making apple dumplings with my aunts.

Ever got way more involved this year and was loving it!
her little flour covered hands!
Two years strong and just as delicious as I remembered. 


After the boys got home from school it was finally, FINALLY time for trick or treating. Oren was a perfect little Luke Skywalker, Wes was a very serious stormtrooper and Marisa made all my dreams come true by making Ever an incredible Rockford Peach costume. You know, she just whipped that up while planning and organizing her own wedding and honeymoon, no biggie. There would be no Halloween without Marisa.

my little Dottie Hinson!

Another Halloween down! Come hither, November. And bring all your turkey and pumpkin pie with you.


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