posted on: Wednesday, March 16, 2011

So, on a scale of 1 -10, just how sick are you getting of reading all my posts lately about pregnancy and the like?


I know, I know, I hate to admit it but I've been all kinds of mommy-blogging over here. The thing is, that's sort of the biggest part my life right now and a girl only gets to do this pregnancy thing one, two, maybe three times in your whole life (unless you're Mama Duggar, which I am most definitely not --- have you seen those bangs?) so, it's kind of been taking center stage lately.

Therefore, if the topic of childbirth either nauseates you or bores you to death you might as well just skip this post altogether and I wouldn't really blame you.

Still with me?

Whatta trooper! Alrighty then, let's talk about hypnobirthing!

Josh and I attended our first hypnobirthing class last night up at University Hospitals near Beachwood. The classes are once a week for five weeks, ending exactly two weeks before my due date. Which means if there was ever a time to get serious about preparing for this birth, the time is now (yipes!)

Hypnobirthing is actually a pretty simple concept. You learn relaxation techniques for the mind that help you let go of fear and tension and let your body do what it's made to do - birth a baby.

And I gotta say, after just one class I'm already feeling pretty good about the decision to go the hypnobirthing route this time around since my first labor and delivery didn't go exactly as well as I had hoped.

Poor little Weston came into this world listening to his mama scream and cry from not one, but two botched epidurals and the midwife yelling for me to push him out "NOW!" as the cord was wrapped so tightly around his neck that it had to be cut before he was even delivered.

It wasn't pleasant.

And really, who wants that to be the description of the birth of their first born? Not pleasant? It should be more like, Amazing! Miraculous! Life-altering! At least pleasant at a minimum, am I right?

With Wes I was your typical, young, first time mom. Sure, I had arranged to have a midwife who would give me the extra support and attention an OB wouldn't, but that's about as much thought as I had put into it. My only plans for the delivery were to request an epidural at the first inkling of a contraction and get the whole thing over with as quickly as possible. Why didn't I realize how much I was missing out on? I just let that moment pass me by, completely out of my control. I wish I would have known what I know now - that birth can be an experience and not just something you have to get through to have your baby. I wish I would have known how much I would regret most of what would happen that first time. I had put all my eggs is one basket, so to speak, and when the only thing I was relying on to get me through (pain medication) didn't pan out, I was left scared, unconfident and completely unprepared to cope.

I should have been relying on myself.

That is not happening again. Now I know that if I really want it, I can have the beautiful, tranquil birth of my dreams - but only if I am determined enough to make it happen.

And I'm determined, baby!


  1. You go girl!!! It is getting soooo close and exciting!!!!! xoxoxo


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