No Sleep for the Weary

posted on: Tuesday, March 1, 2011


The following contains inappropriate amounts of self pity and an obscenely large dose of whining

you have been warned


So, I don't sleep anymore

No, really, I don't

Like, at all

It's pretty terrible if I do say so myself

What I do, do is roll around the bed slowly and uncomfortably, re-arranging pillows endlessly all night

Behind my back

Between my knees

Under my side

And juuuuuust when I find a position that's tolerable

...I have to pee

I'm talking about getting up roughly 5 or 6 times per night

When you get up at 5am anyway, that's practically once an hour (depending on when I start this little nightly ritual)

Really! I have been known to go pee and before I even make it back to the bedroom, have to turn around and go pee again. (TMI? I thought so. Sorry)

...and if it's not the full bladder, it's the dry mouth. I am constantly thirsty, which only exaggerates my previous predicament

(Vicious cycle, I'm telling you)

...or Wes, there's always Wes

Yeah, he still wakes up about once a night and needs coaxing back to sleep
(Do you think he ever calls out for Daddy in the middle of the night? Ha!)

...and there's Josh's snoring

...or the baby's nighttime dance parties

...and then there was that freak February thunderstorm that lasted the whole night through complete with a treacherous downpour and flashing bolts of lightning and I was all, "Are you serious?!"

In other words, I'm tired. Really tired

So please, just smile politely and forgive my appearance and/or attitude if I closely resemble a member of the walking dead next time you see me, as there's really nothing I can I do about it

And now I'll stop complaining since I know deep down inside that this is only temporary and the reason for all this suffering (dramatic choice of words, I know) is because I have a healthy, growing baby on it's way

but thanks for indulging me, I needed it


  1. It is all sooooo worth it! I do give you some pity though - rough times. Poor Em. xoxoxox


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