The Godfreys Meet the Duggars

posted on: Sunday, June 12, 2011

Oh my, where do I even start...

Ok, so the Duggars came to Akron for a book signing. You know the Duggars right? They're that crazy family with 19 kids and they have that show on tv...

Yeah, them.

Well, we started watching them with friends when they first arrived on the scene with just a made for tv special or two - before they got the show. (We go way back) And for some reason unbeknownst to me these people inspired an almost cult-like fascination amongst our circle of friends. We would all gather around and watch these ridiculous specials that showcased this super religious couple with all these kids whose names all started with the letter J and who built their own house and had really crazy bangs and ate a lot of tater tot casserole. I dunno, somehow they just captured our hearts - it's hard to explain.

We would sit around after watching the show hypothesizing about their relationship and finances, making up elaborate backstories about their lives --- for example, we concluded that Jim Bob (the dad, aka Papa Duggar) and Michelle (the mom, aka Mama Duggar)... shall we say... got intimate once a year for the purposes of reproduction only. We referred to this special time as their "Annual Sexuals" which were of course followed nine months later by the "Yearly Inconvenience" - real mature, I know.

Anyway, the amount of fodder we had dreamed up about the Duggar family got so out of hand that our friend Adam even gave an impromptu financial seminar posing as Jim Bob in our living room one night (captured on video via cell phone ((so you know it's high quality)) here and the follow up video here - yeah, you read that right, it happened a second time).

The point being - when we heard the Duggars were coming to town, it was a big deal. There was no question, we were going to meet them.

Fast-forward to last Thursday night. We all met up at the bookstore, Adam even drove up from Columbus for the occasion and got in line early. When we got there we found out that if you wanted to meet them, you had to buy their book ($20) and there was no sharesies book per adult.
Most of our crew wasn't willing to fork over the cash for a spot in line. But Adam was already committed and there was no way I was missing the opportunity to meet them (and have a little fun with them as well of course). So we schemed up a plan that I would pose as Adam's wife (so I could cut in line and skip the wait) and we could do the book signing together.  Josh and I had brought along the boys and we had to get them in on the fun, so we temporarily re-named them Jes and Joren and the Godfrey family of four was born!

The meeting of the Duggar clan was so epic... so magical, that it can only be summed up in one way---

I now present to you The Top 10 Duggarlicious Moments of the evening

#10 - Getting our copies of A Love that Multiplies signed by all of the Duggars, including the kids who each used a different colored pen - they're all individuals you know.  You see, Jedidiah's favorite color is blue, whereas Jason's favorite color is green

#9 - Getting to meet Jinger Duggar (the saucy one)
(We suspect Jinger will have a less than honorable profession one day in the adult services industry. Her name is Jinger, with a J. Like she even has a choice?!)

#8 - Adam asking the younger Duggar kids how their "jurisdictions"(chores) have changed now that they're on a big fancy book tour

#7 - Anna Duggar excitedly striking up a conversation with me about my Ergo baby carrier, including questions about the style of Ergo I went with, if the infant insert was really necessary and whether or not we went with the "organic" one.
(My answers were as follows: Sport, yes and of course! (even though it really isn't))

#6 Mama Duggar excitedly striking up a conversation with me about my Ergo baby carrier...Apparently the Duggars are in the market for not one, but two new carriers...Do I hear the pitter pat of the 20th set of tiny footsteps in the near Duggar future?

#5 - Josh and Anna Duggar asking us if we planned to have a big family. To which we replied of course we hoped to, but kids are just so expensive and we just aren't sure if we can afford to have a family as big as the which we were told "You know, there's no greater investment than your children" 

#4 - Hearing the Duggars sing a song Sound of Music style from the balcony above the crowd

#3 - Papa Duggar regailing Adam on the benefits of homeschooling our children - which Adam told him we of course planned to do since he himself had also been homeschooled...

#2 - Telling Josh and Anna that our kids names were Jes and Joren and then Anna exclaiming that those were "Great J names"!!!
(if the next baby Duggar is named Joren I am going to lose my shit)

#1 - Papa Duggar personally inviting Adam to attend his upcoming financial seminar
(It's the best thing he ever did for his kids you know)


  1. O.M.G. So, so hilarious! You Godfrey's are one craaaazy family!


  2. That was worth every minute of that two hour wait. Save Jinger!

  3. Also, who would think that Jim Bob and Michelle drink Starbucks frappuccinos? Where's the McDonald's Frappes? They're getting mighty fancy!

  4. I am so MAD I missed out on this!! I got sucked into the Duggar family craziness a few years ago after one of my surgeries and I had nothing better to do for days then watch a billion old episodes (of course!). I really hope we see a Joren Duggar hahahahah!

  5. You are way to funny!


  6. just found out i missed the duggars in akron! DARN IT!! saw them in canton 2 yrs ago. found your blog when googling "duggars come to akron". this post was so funny i about died! you are hilarious!!

  7. @christy Thank you! So glad to have a new reader!

  8. Oh.... my..... God. I just found this post, and I am literally in tears laughing so hard at my desk that I had to shut the door. I can't believe Adam didn't tell me about this little adventure! Hahahahahahahaha, that is priceless! calling it... Duggar #20 WILL be a Joren!

  9. i have a duggar blog i would like to know if it ok to use your picture of meeting the duggars the blog is callled duggar fan forever blog and the new tab it is called duggar fans meeting the duggars

  10. Oh my living god - praise him!



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