posted on: Monday, June 27, 2011

Well, we did it. That thing that every pregnant person who has ever had a dog says they will never do. That thing you proclaim with a sense of total and utter conviction in the presence of past dog owners (now seasoned parents) that inspires an all knowing smile and an "Ok, we'll see if you still feel that way once the baby gets here"...

Yeah, that thing.

The "Our dog is a member of our family and this child will never replace (Fido/insert relevant pet name here)" thing.

Except it does. And it did.

Poor Georgia. Oh my poor, sweet, crazy, barking, attention starved, little Georgia. I feel terrible about it. I really do. But the truth is, it's been a long time coming, and we finally broke down and found her a new home.

It's a really really really good home though. Stephanie, a long time family friend of Josh and his sisters and Weston's official hair-cutter when the need arises, gave Georgia a new home with a big fenced in back yard where the only thing she will have to compete for attention with is nothing more than a guinea pig.

It was the best decision to make, for her and for us. But man, it was a hard one. We've been talking about it since Wes was born but managed to muddle through until now. And then Oren came along and having that second baby with all the time and extra attention he takes finally sealed the deal.

So, Josh asked around, and Stephanie came to our rescue, and Georgia got a fun new owner, and I cried.

Then I almost included a link to a certain song by a certain Ray Charles to commemorate my feelings on the event, but decided it was too cheesy, even for me.

So now that we are living life dog-free I've realized there are some things that really suck about it (missing her, having to bend over and clean up crumbs off the floor, having her around to put Maeby in her place) but then, there are some things that are really awesome about it too (no more barking, no more food stealing and a lot less pet hair to clean up).

But also - no gates! It's like a whole new world opened up! We originally put all the gates up to keep baby Wes corralled and then baby Wes grew up and the gates just became a means of keeping Georgia away from toddler Wes' snacks. So today we discovered that we really have no need for the gates anymore as baby Oren is still roughly 9 months away from walking and I no longer have any fears of Weston's giant head sending him toppling down the stairs by the sheer force of it's own gravitational pull.

Once the gates came down the three of us just kind of walked around confused, like we didn't know whose house we were in. Then Wes went upstairs to play. Because he can just go upstairs now whenever he wants. And I'm all "Where's Wes?" and Josh is all "Upstairs in his room playing". Weird.

So, we're adjusting. And there has been a lot going on to adjust to (another post, another post). But, I will really miss that silly little dog and her feet that smelled of fritos. I hope she is happy and loving the new people in her life that she has to lick and jump on. This is one dog we will never forget.

(Oh, what the heck)


  1. YES, the link!!!!! Seriously! L.O.V.E. IT!

  2. Oh Georgia, I will miss your stinky adorably ugly face.

    She's in good hands. No worries!


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