From the Weekend (also known as The Return of the Stripey Shirt)

posted on: Monday, November 7, 2011

Since Josh's birthday was the weekend of Halloween and our neighborhood trick or treat, we celebrated a little late this year. We snuck away Saturday evening for dinner at L'abatros and an overnight at the Hyatt in downtown Cleveland. It was the first time we've ever spent a night away from Oren and so I was a little anxious about it, but knew he was in good hands (Abby's, of course. Best sister ever.) And I was really looking forward to the time alone with Josh and my first full uninterrupted night's sleep in at least 6 months (way more if you count multiple middle of the night pregnancy bathroom runs and general insomnia.) 

And so, we started with dinner which was great. I had mentioned when I made the reservation that it was for my husband's birthday and so they gave us "the best seat in the house" in the "fireplace room" at the restaurant. (Disclaimer: I never actually saw a fireplace...?) Anyway, the food was french and decadent and delicious. No complaints at all other than the fact that we were so full of rich frenchy goodness that after appetizers and our entrees we passed on dessert and opted to try out the Chocolate Bar (attached to our hotel) later that night once we'd recovered from dinner. What a sad mistake that was. Turns out the Chocolate Bar is a dessert chain restaurant version of Applebees but with chocolate martinis and way more expensive. It wasn't awful, but if I had known what it was before going, we would have never wasted our time and money. 

Nevertheless, it was still a great night. Our room was huge and had an amazing view of the city. We woke up (fairly: see still required middle of the night pumping (ahem, 18 oz in one session...)) refreshed and headed back home to spend Sunday with the boys. It was a really nice time and other than the mediocre slice of cake we really couldn't have asked for anything more. 

So, we drove home, picked Abby and the boys up and took them to breakfast. Then we spent the afternoon on our first hike as a family of four. Pretty perfect weekend if I do say so myself.



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