Remember That One Time When We Took The Boys To See Santa

posted on: Wednesday, November 23, 2011

and oren was all cute about it 

and wes was all, well...


but, wait for it...

wait for it...


face never changed once

total grump.

(he's staring down the dark, dusty barrel of a coal filled stocking at this rate)



in other news we finally tried out the creperie downtown, which is normally only open weekdays from 9-1:30, because, well, i don't know actually, doesn't seem like the brightest business plan to me, but what do i know? anyway, they extended their hours over the weekend to capitalize on the holiday tree festival crowd across the street. it was really good and the tree festival was delightful as always, except for the part where i got to the tree covered in pictures of NICU babies and started crying. but that's just me.

and later, josh's sister's boyfriend (got that?) victor came over and snapped a few family photos of us for our christmas card (only because he's the greatest). have i ever told you how excited i get every year about our christmas card? it's becoming a sickness. i keep getting online to check and see what the status of my cards are. what's that? sent to print, you say?! woo-hoo! happy dance. happy dance. now when are they shipping? refresh. (you get the idea). anyway, i really stepped up my game on this year's card and it turned out pretty darn fantastic if i do i say so myself - due in large part to victor's photography skills (my hero!)
and to give you a little taste, here are a few of the extras photos we didn't use.

man, my kids are cute.

ps. i'm guest blogging over at maryam's fabulous blog milk-friendly this week.
(in case you hadn't guessed by the title, breastfeeding stories abound. you have been warned.)
seriously though, she's great and you should check it out.


  1. The Santa pictures are so adorable!! Hahaha, I love how uninterested Wes was about Santa... so cute! And cute family Christmas photos too!

  2. So cute.. he did a great job! I basically had to breeze by the NICU tree or I would have been in a similar situation. The butterfly tree was my favorite!! And the Wizard of Oz one too.


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