Thanksgiving Weekend

posted on: Tuesday, November 29, 2011

When I die, I want to be reincarnated and come back as Weston Silas. You know why? He has the greatest life ever. I'm dead serious. This kid's life is the shiz.

A brief recap of the last 5 days in the life of Wes...

Thursday (thanksgiving festivities): play with kids, eat all the pie you want.

Friday: Eat all the pie leftovers you want, go to grandma's for a pizza dinner and see that she and grandpa have fully decorated their house and put up christmas lights just for you and your personal enjoyment. All except for the tree... you get to decorate that.

Saturday: Start the day off with a Krispy Kreme run followed by the Welcome Santa parade downtown. Fill your pockets to the brim with candy.

Then your loving parents get a babysitter for your brother and take you to see the new Muppet Movie. Eat popcorn for lunch.

After the movie go to grandma's house for a sleepover where she lets you eat spagetti in the living room and provides you with a never ending supply of cheese sticks, juice boxes and complete control of the tv. (oh yeah, you get to take a bubble bath too)

Sunday: Grandpa gets you a danish for breakfast, mom picks you up and you spend the rest of the day lounging around watching christmas movies until dinner time when your other grandma comes over to visit you. (the kid is not lacking in the grandma department)

Monday: Storytime at the library, sing, dance, read books and play Dora games on the computer. Then dad comes home from work early and you get to go pick out your very own christmas tree. After that your great grandma comes over for dinner and brings you a present, just because. You eat brownies for dessert.

This is what I'm talking about.

The Life

also, if this kid has a tooth left in his mouth by the time he's four, I'll consider myself lucky.


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