posted on: Wednesday, March 21, 2012

On the first day of spring
Wes was sleeping over at his Grandpa Bob's house for the first time.
He told me he was afraid he would forget who I was while he was gone

so I gave him a memory to take with him.

It was Tuesday night so the usual folks came over and somehow during dinner conversation we discovered that Jessica had never ever eaten ice cream from Mary Coyle.


My own sister in law? What an abomination!
The result of an obvious failure on my part.
How could I have allowed this to happen? 
Clearly, the only solution was to
buy her a Razz-Ma-Tazz showboat immediately.
(then make her pose for a picture with it)
obviously luckily, she liked it.

crisis averted.

Since we were having a day of firsts and since Oren is so close
to being one year old I figured it was high time he tried
his first taste of chocolate and his first taste of peanut butter. 

And there is no better medium for that than this one.

(I hate to tell you kid, but this is as good as food gets. 
11 months old and you've already peaked. 
You just can't do better than the Coyle.)

He couldn't really tell me but I think this picture
pretty much sums up how he felt about the whole thing.

I think we can all rest a little easier now.
and by the way, Happy Spring!


  1. Look at my bald spot. Disgusting.

  2. Josh, sorry I missed the bald spot...I was too busy looking at all that icecream and dreaming of a hot fudge banana bowl (double nuts) and trying to process the fact that Jessica had never been there????? Still processing...


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