It's Friday!

posted on: Friday, March 2, 2012

and most importantly, it's march! that february was the pits. THE PITS i tell you. and to think they even threw in an extra day this year?! well, that was just plain mean.

very uncool leap year, very uncool. 

we have nothing planned for this weekend. this is to ensure no one will get sick. because every time we do plan know how it ends.

last weekend between weston's thursday night puking and my saturday night puking we had a saturday morning rendezvous with the brand new aquarium in cleveland. magically, it fell right in that little slot between sicknesses and we just managed to squeak it in. we took lots of pictures and i promise to tell you all about it's amazing-ness just as soon as i manage to get around to downloading the camera.

whenever that might be.

anyway, hope you all have a fun and healthy weekend!

 here are some baby toes to send you off...

because i'm thoughtful like that.


  1. I LOVE BABY TOES!!!!!!! And, toast to March - may it find everyone healthy, healthy, healthy!!!


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