posted on: Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm going to go ahead and whisper this just in case the weather gods are listening (because they've surely made some kind of mistake in the quality control department)... but I think that perhaps, possibly, maybe even really and truly spring may have found its way to Akron. You guys, it's only the second week of March and its 70 degrees! 

Knocking on wood --- knocking on so much wood right now. Please don't snow 87 inches tomorrow - please don't snow 87 inches! Forget I even brought it up... man I have so jinxed this, I know it. If it doesn't last you can throw snowballs at my house or stab me in the eye with an icicle or something, I totally deserve it.

Anyway, we've been taking full advantage over here while we can.

This is how we do spring, Booth style...

first you start with giant strawberry ice cream cones
followed by giant strawberry ice cream headaches
 and if you're oren you have to start wearing shoes for the first time in your
life because you can practice your sweet new walking skills outdoors now
or you just forget all about them and worry more about chewing
on chalk and sticks and stuff and getting real good and dirty
and if you're wes you dig up slugs and old toys you buried six months ago
oh, there you are Jessie!
But the best part about spring?

are totally optional.

(by the way, 20 bonus points if you caught the Phineas and Ferb joke I made in there. Best kids show evaaaaa!)


  1. ah! i love spring! your kids are adorable - i'm totally envious of your son's awesome star wars sweatshirt.

  2. Yay for spring, no pants, ice cream (not so much the ice cream headaches), chalk drawings, digging in the garden (not so much the slugs), sticks, open doors and windows, walking shoes, sunshine and all wonderful spring things! My grandson's are SOOO adorable! Proud Grandma! (and Ma) : )


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