"Look Mom, Spiderman is really Peter Partner!"

posted on: Wednesday, February 13, 2013

I'm back, y'all! I've missed my little corner of the internet here so, so much! Things have been stupid busy lately. My work life right now? Basically ridiculous. I've been having to work weekends just to keep up with the asinine amount of work that needs done and there is NO END IN SIGHT. It's like one long panic attack from the minute I hit the door at seven a.m. until I run frantically out of that place at five o'clock, hoping I remembered to grab my sanity on the way out. On top of that nonsense, we're about to put our house up for sale. And you know what's actually super stressful and not fun at all? Getting your house ready to put up for sale. No, really. So we've been appliance shopping and doing small repairs and mostly wondering why we didn't do all of this before we were about to move out. Life questions, people. Life questions.
One good thing to come out of all of this is that it's forced us to start cleaning and purging. Which just happens to be one of my favorite things, sadly. Most recently we took on our basement and in all the chaos going on down there Wes stumbled upon the spiderman costume Adam wore for Wes's 4th birthday party. (oops!) But Josh just played it off like it was a long lost, old halloween costume of his and Wes didn't seem too concerned. The only thing he was worried about was how fast he could get Josh to put it on. Because ultimately, this is what he was after...

related: how lucky are these boys to have Josh as their dad??!


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