posted on: Monday, February 25, 2013

So, I know I just posted about this place a few weeks ago, but we already had to go back! Not just because it's delicious (which it is) but because they were having a kids event Saturday where the boys could build their own bowls of Ramen with the chef. They loved it. Between all of the foods they had to choose from and try, the chalk board wall and the gong. Yes, the gong. They were in noodle heaven. Thank you noodlecat for giving us an excuse to leave the house in the middle of another frigid, Ohio weekend. I think we all needed that.

Also, here's a little bonus side story about that day. After we left the restaurant we decided to make the most of our drive up north and headed toward bonbon on Lorain with a craving for some of their fabulous desserts. Well, duh, it was a Saturday afternoon in Ohio City and traffic was crazytime around the market, so we skipped it. Wes was super disappointed, ok, we all were. But what can you do? We started to head south back toward Akron when we had the bright idea to see if there were any good bakeries or pastry shops in Independence on our way home. I was driving, Abby was madly googling on her iPhone as the exit quickly approached when she found some great reviews on a little place called the Sunrise Bakery. The only problem was, they closed in ten minutes.

"Should we do it?"


"Let me get some directions..."

Sufficed to say we spent the next eight-ish minutes swerving through traffic while abby frantically called out directions and Wes howled from the back seat "Someone find me a bakeryyyyyyyy!"

(cuz he's my kid and all)

So, basically at about one minute 'til close I pretty much peeled in to their parking lot sideways and Abby made a dash for the door.

And wouldn't you believe that that mother-effer was locked.

I thought Wes was going to lose it.

But then! Then the owner who had apparently just been getting in to his car to leave, saw us there and came back over and unlocked the store so we could get in. Our savior! After he let Abby in to pick out some things for us he made his way back out and gave the boys a little thumbs up as he passed our car.

Now that's a guy who understands. Pastries were obtained and had by all and we headed for home with very full bellies, smiles on our faces and lived happily ever after, the end.


  1. THAT is an awesome post! Such high respects for that man!!!!! Serious thumbs up to him - you should definitely show your appreciation by going back VERY OFTEN! I love that guy! (I bet he has daughter and sisters and, of course, wife!).


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