Valentine's Day and Happy Friday!

posted on: Friday, February 15, 2013

even though we don't put too much pressure on ourselves to make valentine's day a big event, (especially when it falls on a thursday) we still had a sweet little day yesterday with just the right amount of fun and celebration and probably (...definitely) too much sugar. wednesday night, i put josh in charge of getting a few small things for the boys to surprise them with in the morning, while i baked them cupcakes. so, i really shouldn't have been surprised when he came home with reeses cups, star wars suckers and "they didn't have balloons, so i got an economy sized thing of cheeseballs."
i will say, josh did win the day with a few small, thoughtful gifts for me and he had chocolate covered strawberries delivered to my office. meanwhile, i got him a very sexy and romantic new roku box. (which, is basically just for streaming netflix on our tv in case you case you weren't privy.) i mean, he has been wanting one and i did wrap it pretty? that counts right? also, it meant we got to watch oren try to play angry birds on the tv screen with his fingers like it was an ipad, so that alone was worth it.
and then, THEN marisa the magnificent dropped off cookies and a handmade adventure time valentine for the boys thus securing her position as best valentines day gift giver of all time.
then i just made pancakes for dinner and we called it a night.
...that marisa, i tell you what. she's a good one, she is. that's for sure.


  1. Those pancakes and strawberries are the cutest!!! I may laugh at those cheeseballs, but I have been craving them since seeing the first picture of them - darn you Joshua!


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