Easter Eggs, 2013

posted on: Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Wes had a sleepover with his grandma Dee the other night and (among many other fun things, I'm sure) they colored easter eggs. When we got him back home the next morning he had an extra egg dying kit she sent home with him that they hadn't used. Now, I had already had one of the generic dissolvable tablet/vinegar/dippy standard egg dying kits at home but this one was WAY cooler. (Assuming, that is, that easter egg coloring kits are cool to begin with, but stick with me here). The best part is, NO VINEGAR! It's actually ready made dye packets you squeeze right in to the tray and it comes with little paintbrushes so the kids could paint their designs right on. Which is actually a lot easier and a lot more fun for them than the tedious soaking them in dye routine. Also, the dye that comes with this kit is bright and dries with a shiny, candy apple glaze.  If any of you with kiddos are interested, I found the kits online here. And while we may still have stained fingertips this morning, I'm never going back to the old ways. Although, next time I would get some finer tipped and more sturdy paintbrushes to use rather than the tiny plastic ones that came in the box. Either way, it was a good time. Oren was surprisingly well behaved throughout the whole process too. He was super focused on his painting as you will see in the pictures below. This was his first year dying eggs, and I am so proud of how well he did. Also, how cute is he in that little smock?

I know, right? ugh.

 and just for fun here's a picture of Wes dying eggs and wearing that same exact smock two years ago before Oren was even born. (Although barely, he came five days later). My, how the time flies.


  1. As always...great pictures! Oren, seriously focused...and adorable in the smock! Love!


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