Seven Years Later

posted on: Monday, January 6, 2014

Today marks 7 years since Josh and I were married (together 13 now if you can believe it) and there really couldn't be a better time to take a moment to write a little about him here. Because this weekend reminded me just how good I have it. Like how completely grateful I am that I chose him, of all the people in this world, to be my partner in life. A few nights ago, within an hour of walking in the door from work, Wes and Oren both started vomiting simultaneously and completely out of the blue. Suddenly our house was in a total frenzy. All night long we were up, Josh in one bedroom, me in the other. Running past each other in the dark of the hallway with cups of water and paper towels and baskets of soiled laundry. Grateful for the two pairs of hands and two sets of arms between us that could care for and comfort our boys who needed us both right then, very, very much. The next morning I was feeling the effects of the sleepless night and tapped Josh for duty while I promptly passed out. I woke a couple hours later to find he had scrubbed the disaster of a kitchen we'd previously abandoned mid dinner the night before. He'd finished the piles of laundry that had accumulated through the evening and cleaned up and comforted a still vomiting and very sad little two year old. And let me tell you ladies and gentlemen, if there's one piece of advice I want to offer you is that if you're looking for someone to marry, marry someone like Josh. No one is perfect, and I'm not here to tell you that he is. But he certainly tries. He really, really tries to be his best self every day. To be a loving and supportive partner and father. He never shirks his share of the work or the effort it takes from BOTH of us to make this household run.  He is right there alongside me when times get tough, down in the trenches doing what it takes. And that's all you can ask for, really, in a partner, is one who continues to step up to plate over and over and over again. So thank you Josh, and Happy Anniversary. I love you.


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