Time to Share the Love

posted on: Friday, January 10, 2014

Hi friends, it's Friday! And thank goodness --- this week has sufficiently kicked our butts. We've been passing around the flu bug that just won't die from one family member to the next and back again. Josh has a little anniversary surprise planned for us tomorrow and I'm hoping everyone's health will hold out long enough for us to sneak away for a night without causing anyone too much misery. Fingers crossed!

So yesterday as Oren and I laid around on the sofa for endless hours of Power Rangers and Spiderman I kept my mind off our symptoms scrolling through all my favorite blogs and catching up on lots and lots of posts. As I was reading through them I thought how good so many of these ladies are at what they do; mothering, designing, writing and so on. They each bring little pockets of happiness to my day and that deserves a little recognition, you know? So today I thought I'd share with you some of my favorite online ladies and hope you take a minute to drop by their blogs so you can see for yourselves what I'm talking about. They're just GOOD.

I've linked to one or two of Georgia's posts here in the past, so you may or may not have visited her sunny little corner of the web before. She writes about motherhood in a way that's so poetic and endearing, yet totally natural and down to earth at the same time. And every time little Florin's face pops up in my feed I can hardly wait to click over and see her newest photo of that perfect little baby man. Cheeks for daaaayyyyysssss on that one.

Some favorite posts here (will  make your heart break in the best possible way) here, (that photo is pretty much everything there is in life) and here.

Ryan writes a super relatable blog (at least to me) about her life in Chicago with her husband, two kids and the huge project that is renovating an old house and turning it into a forever home. Huh, no wonder it strikes a cord with me come to think about it. Hmmmm... But really, it's all the little posts about life in between renovations that really make you start to feel like you know her. And if you did, you'd totally be friends, right?! Totally.

Favorite posts here and here (who doesn't love a good before and after?)

This is my sister in law Jessica's blog (and actually she's the one who first introduced me to Ryan's blog above). She writes a really, really great fashion blog from right here in Akron. She's taught me all there is to know about blogging. And also helps me with all my internet/blogger woes (of which there are many). She's my blogging inspiration even though my blog has nothing whatsoever to do with fashion. But I've watched her grow her blog from the ground up and watched all the time and hard work she's put into it really pay off.

Check out a recap of the year here and a favorite outfit post here.

I think it's safe to say I love everything about Emily's blog. Apart from being a major design inspiration to me and new mama to sweet little Charlie, her writing style is really what keeps me coming back every time. How can one person be so likeable, so talented, so transparent and honest about her life and work and also so, so funny? She walks the line between blogging worlds (design/lifestyle/motherhood) with impeccable style and grace. And  also, I mean...a fellow Emily? Kindred spirits, I'm telling you. How could I not love her blog?

And yes that IS an Anne Shirley reference and yes I am deep into book number three and LOVING IT. But more on that later.

Here's an example of an amazing design project she worked on and here's an example of a personal post I love. Not that these are necessarily even my favorites because how can I even pick favorites? Every post is my favorite.

Rachael writes. Like really, really writes. If you want a blog to actually READ and not just scroll through endless photos (nudges self) Rachael is your girl every time. Poignant, simply but artfully crafted posts that will make your own writing feel anemic.

A recent good one here and I love the realness of postpartum life in this post

There are so many others but I'll stop there for today and save the rest for another time. Who are your favorite reads? I love hearing about new bloggers, especially the smaller scale blogs flying under the radar, so share if you have any favorites I may not be reading. And have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Thank you for this! What a lovely place you have here. I've been thinking about blogging women and how amazing they are too--running their own businesses, being creative, being diligent and posting regularly. I love that living at this time in history, we get to see so many bright stars shining well that would have otherwise been quiet.

  2. Aw I feel so honored to be listed here/among these ladies! Also thanks for the kind words! I've gotta go check out all these blog now.

  3. How sweet of you to include me here :) I've been feeling lukewarm about blogging lately so it's nice to see some encouragement. And thanks for giving me some new reads! i feel the same about liking some of the "smaller" blogs more than those that are well known and feel more like magazines these days.


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