The last throws of the holiday season

posted on: Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Let's go back in time, shall we? Back two weeks ago when we were all off work and enjoying the last of the holidays and Ben was home and Rence was in town and no one was puking or living in constant fear of puking (refer to previous post). Oh yes, those were the good old days. We enjoyed copious amounts of Mexican food and copious amounts of snuggling with kittens at our leisure.

We watched Jeff and Rence throw down in the living room, using only the children as weapons.

And we could spend all day on a Monday in Cleveland digging through records and popping into antique shops on a whim.

And then we could end the day with the city's finest italian subs and go home to our warm beds where we didn't even have to set an alarm. 

The transition back into real life after the holidays is a cruel one, no? Hang in there folks and remember, only seventy days 'til Easter. 

(I know...that's really a poor excuse for consolation but it's all we've got. Chins up my friends, chins up.)


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