Kitchen in Progress

posted on: Tuesday, January 28, 2014

We worked all weekend long on the kitchen and I am super excited about how much we've gotten done so far. I honestly thought this project would take a month of weekends to complete but I think our one solid weekend and a few miscellaneous weeknights here in the near future and we'll be all set. On a side note, thank goodness for video games, power rangers, bowls of ice cream and other such distractions we let the children indulge in freely the last few days so we could get this done. (One weekend with out ever changing them out of pajamas won't kill them, right? I mean, we were snowed in anyway).

So here's where we're at and some progress shots I took along the way...

The wallpaper border is down and there's no more superfluous light over the back door! (Also, that red wall color you see peeking through is next on my hit list ;)

The upper cabinets came down and the paint started to go up. (Not shown: hours of patching, sanding and hardware removal. I'm telling you, it's not the painting that's the pain, it's the prep!)

So, until last night I hadn't decided on a wall color and since we we doing white on all the trim, wainscoting, cabinetry and doors it was easiest to just throw white on the walls while we went. And after much deliberation I finally settled on a wall color (SW Aloof Gray) and now that we're done with almost all the trim and given it sufficient time to dry, I think we're safe to go back and tape it all off to do the walls. I'll probably start in on that tonight if I can rally myself after work

This light was gifted to us at christmas from my dad and stepmom and I was so excited to see it finally up. I ordered it from Schoolhouse Electric and it's nice because they let you customize cord length, glass color, finish etc. so you get exactly what you want. I love how simple and classic it is.

We got the open shelving measured out and hung on simple black brackets. The big debate is deciding whether to stain the shelves or paint them white. (Thanks to all who chimed in on instagram last night!) Josh wants to stain them, but I'm thinking once the walls are painted they'll look best painted  out white like the rest of the trim. Of course, we can always stain them and if we don't like the way it looks, go back and paint them out. But, I'm waiting to see the room with the wall color up before making the final call. 

We put up a new light to replace the fan and dropped off the remaining upper cabinet doors to have the etched glass inserts switched out with plain. We should get those back today or tomorrow and then we can finish up that last side of the room.

I couldn't resist throwing a few plates and glasses up on the shelves to get an idea of how they will look once they're done and styled and I'm loving them already.  A few more days of work and some accessories and this kitchen will be done! Or at least phase one done, but I'll take it for now. More updates coming soon!



  1. I love both lights - so so nice! The shelves look awesome - especially with a few things on them! You guys are killin' that kitchen! Can't wait to see it in person! xoxo

  2. You guys work so fast! It looks awesome! I am having a similar dilemma with the built-in in our living room. I think it would look better white, but it's obviously easier to paint over stain than stain over paint. Decisions, decisions.

    1. How come when its your own house all the decisions seem so much harder??? :)


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