A Birthday

posted on: Friday, August 15, 2014

Yesterday was my birthday (31) and I wasn't really expecting too much out of it this year. I mean last year we were in Iceland so that's just kind of a hard act to follow, right? And Josh is out of town, and it was a Thursday and I had to work, so, you know, just...bummer. But you know what? I sure do have a lot of people in my life to be grateful for. Because even though Josh wasn't home he left a sweet card for me before he left (and one from the boys as well). And when I got to work I had more birthday cards and homemade goodies piled up on my desk than I knew what to do with, not to mention two bouquets of flowers. Then Abby picked the boys up from their sitter early for me and when I went to retrieve them they surprised me with an adorably decorated homemade cake complete with sparklers and they sang me "happy birthday" and it was just the best. For dinner we decided to do something easy and splurged on one last big order from the root beer stand before they close up shop for the season. The sun was shining so we took it to a nearby park and ate together under the pavilion in the fresh air. 

So, basically what I'm saying is that it was actually a pretty great birthday after all. 
Because my people are the best people, and I'm super lucky to have them.

(and when josh gets home he's promised me brunch and a movie, so viva la day date!)

happy weekend, everyone


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