Some (More) Photos from Yesterday

posted on: Thursday, August 21, 2014

So yeah, I know I'm on overdrive with the Wes posts lately, but this is a big week for him! (and me) Not to mention we still have the official birthday party this weekend, so there's even more coming - brace yourselves ;) But I wanted to record a few moments from yesterday here that I can remember this day by. These photos were taken before school (when we surprised him with a new two wheeler bike in his room when he woke up) and after school when we all went out for dinner at the restaurant of his choice (the one with all games of course). So these photos are in between those inevitable first day of school tears and I can't tell you how happy they make me to look at. We made it through yesterday and we are all still in tact... and someone is even a whole year older now.

Birthday breakfast was pancakes with chocolate chips, sprinkles AND red and blue food coloring swirled in --- by request, of course.

And after he got home from school and we confirmed that we all did, in fact, survive the day, it was nothing but smiles for the rest of the night. Abby brought over his annual birthday personal pie and we snacked on that before heading out to dinner with homemade cupcakes in tow and our pockets heavy with quarters.

More presents (including a new wallet with the cutest personalized id!) and a room full of people who absolutely adore this child.

(you'll be seeing more of this Lego theme after this weekend's party, believe me ;)

We even topped off the night with a pile of backyard sparklers courtesy of Jeff. So, as it turns out, it ended up being a pretty good day after all. And I'm so proud of my Weston for making the best of it. Here's to six my little one, you are so incredibly loved!


  1. These are such great pictures! Glad the day was so great after all - woohoo! xoxoxox


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