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posted on: Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Let's just be real for a minute. This is what my calendar looks like right now.  Even looking at it is giving me heart palpitations.

And that pretty much sums up life lately if you wanted it in a nutshell. So just know that I haven't given up on blogging, I just can't seem get my brain in any sort of mind frame for writing or my butt in a chair for the hour or so of free time it takes to write a decent post. And I'm trying to give myself a little grace on this front. (I hope you will too). This space is important to me, but sometimes you just have to admit you can't keep up with it all, all the time. Summer is always the busiest season for us every year by far, but somehow I seem to forget that until one day I wake up I realize every single day is booked with one thing or another (or sometimes three). And normally I'm happy to roll with it knowing plenty of cold winter days spent cooped up inside are waiting for us just around the corner - but this summer and this pregnancy just do not seem to be compatible. Life has been all doctor appointments, school supply shopping, graduations, birthdays, birthday party planning (I'm about to have a SIX year old?!), photo shoots, bridal showers, hair appointments, vet appointments, dentist appointments - you name an appointment and chances are it's on my calendar this month. Add in a husband who has been traveling for work more than ever before and things are just...rough...right now, if I'm being honest. And I can't seem to be able to find the off switch for my brain at night to allow me any solid stretches of good sleep. Last night as I sat in bed knowing that my alarm was set for 5am but at 2am I still had yet to even close my eyes? - it's all just a little maddening if you can imagine. Has anyone else experienced a pretty severe case of pregnancy insomnia before? I had it a little near the end of my last two pregnancies, but I'm talking like the last four weeks or so. But this has been going on already now for at least a month, and I can't see how it will improve as I only get bigger, more uncomfortable and closer to delivery. Normally, if I weren't pregnant I'd be all, bring on the ambien! But so far as I know, there's not a whole lot of safe and effective stuff to take when you're with child. Yesterday (at yet another appointment - whatup glucose test?) my midwife suggested I take half a Benadryl before bed to help make me drowsy, so I'm going to try that. But if anyone else has any tried and true suggestions - I am all ears.  Really, lay it on me. That or lay a rubber mallet upside my head tonight because girlfriend is getting desperate.

Meanwhile, I'm going to do my best to keep up with the demands of this month and still carve out a little time for blogging where I can. I do have another post in the works on what I've been reading lately - (the one perk to insomnia being plenty of extra hours for catching up on books and mindlessly scrolling through Netflix?) - so stay tuned for that post (hopefully) coming soon(ish). I'm not making any promises :/

Much love and sleeping dust to all.



  1. I have had insomnia forever as far as I know. I can't say it was any different with pregnancies. Sorry, I am of absolute no help in that category! I can always have a Booth Boy sleepover if it would help for a night??? Let me know! Good luck with the Benadryl tho!! Love you sooooo much! Btw, it's all truly worth it in the end!

  2. Oh dear Emily! I can so relate to this blog, and it's so refreshing to hear another mom share some of the struggles of mommy-hood. I also had bad insomnia during Calvin's pregnancy. I found a cup of Chamomile tea at the end of a long day sometimes did the trick! I hope you start resting soon! Thanks for sharing your heart.

  3. I can relate to the panic attack of the jam packed calendar. My boys are heavily into activities this summer and being a Taxi Mom kind of freaked me out when I realized that this was my life for the foreseeable future. Luckily, I am sleeping like a log, or I think I really would lose it.


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