A Lego Party!

posted on: Monday, August 25, 2014

This is the last of the birthday posts for August! (Are you as relieved as I am? Because I'm exhausted.) Sunday we had Wes's 6th birthday party and when I asked him what kind of party he wanted this year he said Legos! Which is fitting since he's been kiiiiinda obsessed lately. Legos underfoot everywhere at our house. So I got busy making decorations (with help of course). And a big thank you goes out to my brother Ben for pitching in at the final hour and doing all the climbing around on chairs and taping things in high places to save his pregnant sister from that task. You're the best, bro. Abby did so much for this party too - she made at least half of the food, tons of cupcakes and the salted brown butter Rice Krispie treats which we attempted to cut into Lego form :) I don't know how well we pulled that off but they sure were tasty. Oh, and my mama made her famous chocolate cherry cupcakes as well, because it wouldn't be a party with out them. 

And then there was this cake. Can you even get over this cake, though? I'd heard a friend of Josh's had just launched her own little bake shop so I sent her over a few inspiration photos for Lego cake ideas I'd found online and liked and THIS is what we got back. So incredible, and yummy too! I can't recommend Cheryl enough. If you're in the area and need a cake for an upcoming event give her a shout, you will not be disappointed. Check out her page here! Thank you, Cheryl!!!! 

 Lego cookies NOT made by me (lol...no.) they were purchased on Etsy here.

There was some cake smashing in faces...

and by special request from the birthday boy, an end of the night water balloon fight.

(which was really just an excuse for the adults to go crazy destroying each other.)

there was a bit of a hostage situation...

and things other than balloons were being filled with water and used in self defense. 

Buuuut, even though things may have gotten a little crazy, it was all in good fun. 

And there you have it folks! Another birthday party is in the books! Hard to believe that this time next year I'll have a SEVEN year old and I'll be gearing up for a first birthday party not so long after. EEEEEK!


  1. Just stop it with that second-to-last sentence! That's a whole buncha NOPE-- he, Ori, and baby EB are going to stay little forever!

  2. Super sweet post! Looks like the perfect day. :) I love insights on how events come together.


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