Life's Been A Bit Busy Lately

posted on: Thursday, June 7, 2012

Hey there, strangers! I've been running around like a chicken with my head cut off for the past few days. You wanna know why? Because it's summer. And summer is the time of year everyone building a new house plans to move into said new houses. Which means me, their faithful interior designer, has been schlepping boxes of accessories and hauling rugs and lamps and artwork and backpack leaf blowers (uh-huh) all over this god forsaken state this week. I'm usually off on Mondays but since I had an install Monday, I had to work. So then Tuesday felt like Wednesday and then I took Wednesday off so that felt like Monday which means today should feel like Tuesday...but instead it feels like Friday and it's really only Thursday? So, yeah. I don't even know.

Anyways, we've been busy at home too. Allow me to illustrate:

Josh, Abby and I spent a little time wandering around Cleveland Heights before the Kweli show last Wednesday night. It's a fun part of town and was lovely as ever on a perfect summer night. Then when it was show time, we managed to squeak our way into the front row. And let me tell you there is nothing wrong with getting to watch Kweli perform from only inches away. Not to mention he shook my hand and we made a lot of eye contact, nbd.

One of these past days (I'm not sure which anymore) we surprised my brother at the Jube where Ben hooked us up with free donuts and Wes covered himself in powdered sugar and discovered the fun in swiveling barstools. Oren just ran around like a wildman with a fist full of apple fritter. Who needs a park when you have a donut shop?

I wasn't actually there for this, but Josh and his grandfather took Wes fishing for the second time in his life. Little man loved it. They caught seven!

Then there was the time we randomly made a rainbow colored volcano out of playdoh and a leftover soup can. I seriously don't even know how these things happen... but whatevs, science is fun!

And as a special reward for performing so well (at all?) at his recital I suprised Wes the next day with his first ever miniature golf outing. He's been begging to go, and I figured this was perfect opportunity for some quality time for just the two of us to spend together. And it must be my child's dashing good looks or charming personality because the owner let us play for free! The course was pretty cool, lots of fun water features and a huge waterfall that Wes thought was awesome. It was pretty crowded that day but Wes was uncharacteristically patient and super well behaved - and as it turns out actually a pretty good little player. (Only if you ignore all the cheating of course, which I did). He needed a little help getting the ball going more than a few feet at first, but his short game is on point. And can I just mention, normally I am atrocious at minature golf, but Sunday, I was killing it! No doubt because my only witness was a three year old with no concept of the rules or even a point of reference. Figures.

Anyway, if you're looking for a course around Akron try Downview, they're good people and it's a lot of fun.

So, that's life lately. Busy, hectic, fun. Definitely, summer.


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