posted on: Sunday, July 8, 2012

so, about once every 6 years or so, something really wonderful happens. 
fiona apple gets around to releasing a new record and subsequently goes on tour.

this makes me very happy.

(josh asked my dad for his permission to marry me in a loud, dark corner
of the last fiona apple concert we attended. that's how long it's been.) 

see my happy face
even in 90+ degree heat at an outdoor venue, sitting on the 
ground with my underwear plastered to my butt i'm still happy
so happy

let me put it to you this way:

yeah. basically every song you'd love to hear and then some.

pretty much the anthology. (although i would't have minded parting gift.)

also, not much else beats watching fiona sing, play piano and little kid dance the night away. 
she totally dances like a four year old. like, stomps her feet and spins in circles and falls on the ground a lot and it pretty much makes me love all 85 feisty pounds of her even more than I already did. 
which is a lot. 

plus i got to see this guy. 

that'd be his hair he's carrying folded up like a pendaflex under his arm.
the whole time i just kept thinking that he really needs a better hair transportation system. 
can you imagine carrying that around all the time? he watched the show from inside the pavillion too. 
do you think he bought an extra seat for his hair? or did he just hold it in his lap the whole time? holy hotness, i can not even imagine this. get a hair purse or a messenger bag or something to put that shiz in for heaven's sake. 

you wanna know what the best part is?

he's apparently been growing his hair out for so long that the end section is still brown. it slooooooowly fades lighter and lighter from brown to grey and then finally to snow white at the very top of his head. that's how long he's been growing it. he's actually documented his entire hair color history in a living natural ombre color story coming out of his head. 


i love you crazy fiona apple and your crazy, nutso fans.

the end.


  1. This set list is so perfect. I can't believe I've ever seen her live.

    And that hair creeps me out so much.

    1. It was SO perfect. Pretty much all of On the Pawn...I couldn't believe it!


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