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posted on: Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Josh and I had a little night out on Saturday, just the two of us. We dropped the boys off at Grandma's and made our way up to Lakewood for a delicious dinner at Georgetown. The weather was just right, the food was excellent (scallops, yes!) and it was the perfect spot to relax and enjoy a good conversation with no distractions from our little ones and food that's still warm when you eat it. If you're looking for a nice patio this summer, this is the place to go. The bathrooms, however, are a little eh. I always make it a point to check out the bathroom whenever we go out somewhere. Maybe it's the interior designer in me but I feel like you can really tell a lot about a place based on the presentation and cleanliess of their bathroom. Like sometimes you go to an okay restaurant but their bathroom is totally decked out and you think, "Okay, I can respect this. I can get down with this place." But then sometimes you go to a really fancy place but then their bathroom is smelly and hasn't been updated since 1985 and none of the stall doors lock and you just think, "huh..."

After dinner, we stopped by the new casino in downtown Cleveland to blow a few bucks on the slot machines (I played the the mystical unicorn) and watch those who actually know what they're doing play poker and black jack. The whole gambling/casino scene isn't really my thing, but it was great people watching, plus it was fun to just wander around and check the place out. I kept thinking that whoever got the lighting contract for that place must have made a bundle because it is just crystal chandelier after crystal chandelier up in there. Oh, and the bathrooms are primo, and the soda is free, so there you go.


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