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posted on: Thursday, July 5, 2012

Hey guys. I don't want to make a bunch of excuses or anything, but as you may or may not have noticed, I haven't exactly been blowing up the interwebs with my eloquent prose and deeps thoughts on life much lately. (How have you even been able to cope, really?) ;) And that's because in the last 22 days I've only worked exactly 4 of those. So, I've been using all of this glorious time off to relax, enjoy my family and friends and stay about as far away from computers as I can get. (iphones don't count). It's been really nice. Instead of emails, AutoCAD drawings and client meetings, the last few weeks have been filled with swimming and hiking, napping and traveling, lunching, pedicure-getting, picnicking and road-tripping, moviegoing, museum-ing(?), and lots and lots of ice cream eating.

It was glorious. And it's been hot and sunny every single one of those days off. I honestly don't think I've ever experienced this many consecutively sunny days in my life. I kind of feel like we're going to be punished for all of this nice weather somehow. This just doesn't happen here. Here, we do cloudy. It's kind of our thing. So anyways, what I'm saying is that these past few weeks have been such a treat, and I'm so refreshed and thankful for the break. But as you can see now, my computer and I are speaking again and so it's back to our regularly scheduled programming, including a new post on our 4th of July! Hopefully coming tomorrowish? (We'll see, still getting back into my groove).

Hope you all are enjoying this summer as much as me!

(Also, I might add, it's only a two day work week this week and then three more days off. That I can handle. Especially because I'm seeing Fiona tomorrow night with some friends and have you seen this crazy with the squid on her head?! She's nuts, and genius and I can't wait!)


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