39 Weeks + 1 Day (the state of my uterus address)

posted on: Tuesday, October 28, 2014

please excuse this blurry/grainy taken while it's still dark out at 6am before heading out the door to work photo

At 39 weeks and one day pregnant my uterus is decidedly still occupied. This is the most pregnant I have ever been. If this baby were like his or her brothers it would have been born yesterday, as they both came at 39 weeks on the nose. Needless to say, I was fully expecting to have a new baby by now. Which just goes to show you, as with every labor and delivery of mine I have absolutely no clue how things will ever actually go and when I do hazard a guess, I am most always very WRONG. 

So, yeah, still pregnant.



  1. Still pregnant AND looking fabulous. You forgot to add that last part.


    1. did I ever tell you how you're my favorite? ;)


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