Happy Halloween!

posted on: Friday, October 31, 2014

There was a time when my kids were little enough that they had no choice but to go along with whatever I had schemed up for their Halloween costumes. These costumes were usually handmade (by someone else ;) and always very, very, very cute (cuteness being the main, nay, only, objective.) Examples here, and here (oh, that baby ghost still gets me!) Those were the glory days, man. But now that they're older they have all these "opinions" and ideas of their own and I guess I have to be the nice mom who lets them choose their own costumes from now on. Somehow they're just not into the idea of being Wayne and Garth for my own personal amusement. It pretty much blows. And much like last year Wes could not settle on what to be. He kept saying he wanted to be big foot, but that resulted in two problems, number one being that they don't make kids big foot costumes, believe me I've checked. And number two being that his new school doesn't really celebrate Halloween. They have "character dress up day" which is pretty much the same thing except you can only dress as a character from a children's book and you have to bring the book in with you. And we don't have no kids sasquatch books lying around last time I checked. So finally I just loaded him into the car, took him to the store and let him loose in the costume aisle. He came away with an Ironman costume. Meh.

Oren, on the other hand, knew exactly what he wanted to be for Halloween. A red bat. Also, doesn't exist. And I don't sew and everyone I know who does sew has been way too busy to bother, soooo. We talked him into being Batman, which is next best thing in his book. Of course he wanted to be a red Batman which still doesn't exist and so after much persuasion he finally settled on blue Batman, which, thankfully, does exist. And there we have it. The really boring story of how we ended up with two really boring Halloween costumes. Thrilling writing over here today, you guys. Where's my Pulitzer?

So anyway, trick or treat pics coming right up! The weather was much better than last year when it poured rain, and this year it fell on Josh's birthday so we celebrated with pizza, sparkling cider and chocolate cake afterward. Not the most exciting of  birthdays, but decent for a Thursday night I'd say.

Hope you all have a very Happy Halloween and may your children bring home all your favorite candy to pilfer!



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