A Bit About My Boys

posted on: Thursday, October 9, 2014

These guys...sigh. I thought I'd take a few minutes today to jot down a few of the things I'd like to remember most about them at these particular ages.

Wes at age 6 years + 2 months is my tiny teenager. He's already picking up stuff from the kids at school that makes me both laugh and semi-terrifies me at the same time. Let's just say he now knows all about the middle finger. He also loves playing around on any iphone he can get his hands on and becomes a complete zombie in front of any screen (phone, tv, computer, whatever), totally tuning out the world around him. This could be a problem in the future.

He's still my super sensitive/dramatic one and will cry at the drop of a hat. While he does have his feelings easily hurt, half the time he's totally faking it and is not afraid to turn on the waterworks if he thinks it'll help him get his way. He likes to sulk and pout and tries his hardest to hold a grudge, but can only maintain a crabby demeanor for a few minutes at a time before he's back to his smiley self. He just can't help it.

He is usually quite cooperative and does his chores and the things we ask of him without too much complaint or foot dragging. That being said, he's still only six and it usually takes more than one request for him actually DO whatever it is we've asked. But, he usually does it without a fight and pretty thoroughly as well.

He is still my rule follower through and through. The perfect example of this is how when he was really into his dinosaur phase a few years ago Josh told him all about the movie Jurassic Park and how when he was a little older they would watch it together. Excited by the prospect, Wes pressed him about exactly how old he would have to be to watch it and Josh threw out the age of seven without much thought. Fast forward to a few weeks ago when Josh got a hankering to watch said pre-historic film and suggested Wes stay up late with him one Saturday night so they could watch it together. Wes said no. Because he isn't seven years old yet. Josh tried to explain to him that it didn't matter and that since Josh was the one who made up the seven year rule to begin with he could just as easily change it and that he thought Wes was old enough now to watch it. Everything would be fine, they would have fun! Wes still refused. Even after bribes of ice cream and popcorn and a living room sleepover with dad, he just could not bring himself to do it. (This also illustrates the fact that the child forgets NOTHING).

He's such a good little guy. He LOVES our cat, Lincoln. He would carry him around like a baby all day long if he'd let him. He loves all animals, really and has such a gentle and sweet demeanor around them. Over the last few years his teachers have all said that he never fights with the other kids at school and is always perfectly behaved and is a good listener. I don't see this part of his personality changing and I don't think I will ever have to worry about him getting into trouble at school. (Fingers crossed).

He's super smart and has begun learning to read like a champ. He also learned to ride a bike without training wheels at the end of the summer and just last week finally mastered the art of tying his own shoes. There's nothing this kid can't do if he puts his mind to it. Not to mention he's handsome as can be with the perfect smattering of freckles across his perfect little nose. Clearly, I am in love with this child.

Then we have my Oren Henry, who will officially be three and half years old on the 19th of this  month. This little boy has been giving me a run for my money since he tore into this world in a fit of chaotic frenzy on that fateful April morning in 2011 (and none of us has ever been the same since). He's wild and carefree and insanely cute and loveable. He's aloof and hilarious and despite how many times per day he gets into trouble I find it very hard to stay mad at him for long. He is just a FORCE.

He wears his heart on his sleeve. If he's happy or mad you and everyone around you are sure to know it. He hides nothing, he is an open book. He is endlessly affectionate with me and kisses me 50+ times a day. He loves cuddling in my lap and sneaking into my bed at night and pressing his little face up against mine in the dark.

Although he was born a good sized baby (8lbs, 10oz) he has been slowly falling down the growth charts ever since and is now tiny for his age. He still seems so little to me and I'm afraid that once our actual tiny new baby arrives he will start to seem giant. He loves candy and sugar and treats, but at the same time does a pretty good job eating just about anything you give him. He loves a hot cup of English breakfast tea on weekend mornings and one of his favorite snacks are olives - he'll happily scarf down things Wes would never even try. Food is just one more way that he's adventurous.

And boy is he adventurous. The child has no fear. He will climb, leap, jump off/on/over/under just about anything. He was the first and only of my children to need stitches and I fear for his safety daily as I watch him dart outside alone or jump down a flight of stairs or whatever it is dangerous he happens to be up to at any given moment.

The thing about Oren is that no matter how many bad or ornery things he does in a day I am so easy to forgive him. I find myself laughing at his transgressions when I should be scolding him and I probably let him get away with far too much. I find it hard to say no to his little angelic face smeared in dirt, and would happily give away the world to him if I'm not careful. Lord help me if I don't spoil this child for the rest of his life. I just can't seem to help myself, he's a total charmer.

Also the kid has eyelashes for days.

When I was pregnant with Oren it was hard to imagine having a kid who was anyone other than Wes. How could another child possibly be any cuter, any smarter or any more perfect when Wes was already the best there ever was?! (Only this parent's humble opinion, of course ;) But then we had Oren and he was just as cute, just as smart and just as perfect but in his own completely different and totally unique way. Now that we are expecting a third I am dying to find out who this little mystery being is and all the ways they will be different from Wes or Oren. And even though I know it's true, I still find it hard to imagine. But I'm just so looking forward to the day when we will finally meet our baby and watch as they carve their own totally unique and perfect place into our family.


  1. These aren't my babies and this has me welling up with tears! I am so happy and excited for your family. #3 is going to be just as perfect as his/her older brothers are :-)

  2. So adorable - you will love to look back on all your memories in this place someday! You must be SO excited about the 3rd one coming soon. It's so funny how different they are yet the best of buddies, so cute! -♥- Rachel (For the Birds)


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