A Weekend in Dayton/Tipp City

posted on: Tuesday, October 7, 2014

For one last hurrah before the baby comes we took this past weekend as an opportunity to spend a little quality time as a family of four in our last days together before we become five. Josh's mom and stepdad recently moved to Tipp City, OH which is a cute little historic old town right outside of Dayton, about three hours south of us. We spent the weekend with them, touring the old historic sights, trying out the local cafes and restaurants and touring the National Air Force Museum.

(In a total slap your forehead, what were we thinking move, I realized about a half hour into our drive that we'd completely forgotten the camera at home. OF COURSE WE DID. So fuzzy iphone photos will have to suffice.)

we be road trippin (and stopping every thirty minutes to pee)

For what it's worth, I give two very enthusiastic thumbs up to historic downtown Tipp City. From the delightful little tea house to the old fashioned toy shop (where I bought the new baby a very adorable winter hat). From the tasty breakfast place (with the ridiculously good signage) to the old hotel turned pottery shop/rug gallery, I loved it all. The best part was that since we were staying with family, Josh's mom kindly volunteered to watch the boys Saturday night so Josh and I could sneak away for a fancy dinner date at the Coldwater CafĂ©. All the reviews said this was the place to go, and it surely did not disappoint. The restaurant is in an old restored bank building downtown and we actually sat in what used to be the vault back in it's heyday. It was a pretty neat experience and the food was delicious. Their signature dessert is an English tea cake with a hot butter sauce that was SO melt in your mouth delicious. If you're ever in and around the Dayton area I'd highly recommend it.

(Also, a little inside information for those of you who do happen to find yourself in that area, there is a donut shop that sells apple fritters the size of dinner plates. It's open 24 hours a day and if you happen to stop in around 10 or 11pm you can get them while they're still hot. You should probably do that).

Then Sunday we spent the day at the Air Force museum touring the mammoth facility and seeing planes of all shapes and sizes and eras. It's a very neat place and the kids loved it. There's a lot to take in and that translates to lots of walking for someone 36 weeks pregnant, but it was very cool nonetheless.

Josh and his stepdad Todd did a flight simulator and beat the record score for the day! And when Josh volunteered to take the boys on a space simulator later in the day, only Oren was up for the challenge. Josh said he thinks Ori thought they really went to space because multiple times during the 6 minute ride he asked if I was back on earth and asked Josh when he would see mommy again. Gosh, I love that kid.

All in all it was a fun weekend away and I know the boys really enjoyed themselves. With family in the area now I have no doubt we will be back to do even more exploring next time. Have any of you ever spent any time in the Dayton area? Any tips or recommendations on good things to see/do/eat next time we're in town? If you've got 'em, I'd love to hear!



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