Best Weekend Everrrrrrrrrr

posted on: Tuesday, October 14, 2014

So even though I'm pretty well over being pregnant at this point, I was secretly hoping baby would stay put through the weekend so I wouldn't miss out on all the lovely goodness we had planned. As it turns out, I had nothing to fear because baby is still comfy cozy on the inside and according to yesterday's appointment with my midwife there has been absolutely no progress made on that front, whatsoever. So.

(be careful what you wish for is what I'm saying)
Kicking off the weekend in the best possible way, I had a prenatal massage scheduled for Saturday morning (a gift certificate I had squirrelled away since mother's day with the intention of saving it up for this final month of gestational discomfort). And thanks to my masseuse and by some magical twist of fate and physics and a plethora of oddly shaped cushions I was even able to lie stomache down for the first time in months. It was glorious.

After a morning of stomache lying bliss I could have just called the day good at that point and been perfectly satisfied. But our day was just beginning! Shortly thereafter aforementioned heavenly massage our friends and their daughter rolled into town for a very much anticipated overnight visit. Wes was beside himself with excitement for his sleepover with Jordyn (new tent set up indoors and everything).  We let the kids go crazy with fake web and spiders and officially halloweened our house up right (big thanks to Julie for dangling from the sides of my porch to string the lights!) And later that evening another mutual friend who just so happened to be in town from DC that very same weekend (hi Rence!) dropped in and we had a big ol home cooked spaghetti dinner followed by a late night screening of The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. It was good times, people.

This was one of those super rare weekends where we really had no obligations or places in need of rushing off to and the weather was perfectly perfect and we were just able to enjoy our time together and relax. After the York/Godfreys hit the road on sunday afternoon we called up Abby and Jeff to see if they wanted to meet us at the quarry for a little nature hike. (followed by mexican for dinner to replace any calories possibly burned).

And THEN! (because I am a good wife) I have been pre-planning for Josh's birthday somewhat this year. **casually pats self on back** Since his birthday is on a near collision course with my due date, I've tried to get his gifts in order and all plans made far enough in advance that he doesn't totally miss out on birthday celebrations (even if the actual day itself ends up getting overshadowed by labor pains and/or third children). So part one of the pre-birthday fun was a pair of tickets to see some stand up comedy on sunday night. Abby and Jeff kept the boys after dinner and then all Josh and I had to do was roll a couple of miles down the road to Musica for the Same Sex Symbol tour. (Josh is a huge fan of Cameron Esposito and I went to high school with Rhea, so it was a truly perfect combination.) Marisa met us at the show and we all got to hang out and laugh-til-we-cried the night away.

I really just want to do the whole weekend over again. We got to spend time with so many friends and people that we love that I felt totally spoiled and amazing and I never wanted it to end.

What is this Tuesday bs anyway? Weekends forever, you guys, weekends foreverrrrrrr.


  1. So many awesome pictures here - such a great post!!!


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