Adventure Wednesday!

posted on: Wednesday, January 19, 2011

It was  a typical Tuesday night, the worst night of the week (is anybody with me on this one?) and I was already complaining about how I didn't want to do all the usual Tuesday night stuff (make dinner, pack lunches, give Wes a bath, boring, boring, boring, blah, blah, blah) but I was complaining especially loudly about how I didn't want to go back to work the next day. No reason in particular, just because, well, it's work (you know).
Anyway, all I can say is the clouds must have parted and the angels must have heard my whiny prayers because just then, out of the blue, my phone was Jennifer. Jennifer is Weston's Wednesday/Thursday babysitter and she was calling to let me know she couldn't watch him the next day.

(Insert HALLELUJAH! chorus here)

I mean, oh darn, I'll have to call off work and stay home with him...

and you know what that means don't you?

I mean, really, you don't just get a surprise day off like that and then spend it lounging around in your pjs or doing chores around the house. No, no, on this rare and special mid-week free day there's only one thing you can do, you have an adventure. (At least as much of an adventure as you can have when you have nothing planned, it's 12 degrees outside, there's a foot of snow on the ground and your partner in crime is two years old.) But still...adventure

And well, if I'm being honest it didn't start out great...Wes woke up hysterical, crying that he was hungry and wanted BLUEBERRIES RIGHT NOW!

The problem with that is - it's January. So that wasn't happening.

However, it was the perfect opportunity to embark on our first adventure of the day..."The Bagel Place!" (Einstein's) for a blueberry bagel and yogurt parfait (with more blueberries).
Who loves you, kid?

Hot chocolate for me and a cup of water for Wes (in one of their mini tasting cups so he felt like a grown up).

Next up on the adventure to-do list, visit "Abby's Work!" (Bridgewater Park Apartments). We got to see Abby and my old boss (her current boss), Tim. Wes threw the balls from the pool table around in the clubhouse while I caught up with Tim. Then, in true Tim fashion, he attempted to buy Weston's love by giving him crappy presents he scrounged up around the office, and supplied us with one Peachtree Product Guide (for all your real estate needs) and this...

Yup, a cassette tape of polka music circa 1991. And you better believe we popped that sucker in my car's cassette player (who knew it even still worked?) and rocked out to that baby the rest of the day. Total adventurer soundtrack.

Then, we headed on down the highway to "That Playground Place!" (Step 2), which is basically a giant retail store with all the plastic playhouses, swingsets and equipment you can imagine already set up for your kid to try out.  It's free, it's indoors and Wes could run off some of that stuck-in-the-house-all-day-long wintertime energy.

Wes was in heaven. He tried out every play kitchen, makeup vanity, princess playhouse and girl toy in the place.

(What can I say? The kid needs a sister, the poor boy has been totally deprived of all things pink...)

But our adventures didn't stop there, next up on the adventure agenda - The Library! Where Wes terrorized the fishtanks, solved complicated zoo themed puzzles and we read a million and one books on the subject of guinea pigs.

Then, our stomachs, growling in hunger after a day of fun-filled excitement, could only be appeased by one thing and one thing only..."That Pizza Place!" (Donato's). Where we shared a medium pepperoni and 16 ounces of "Sparkly Water!" (Sprite). Then, to finish it all off, a cream soda Dum-Dum from the check-out counter.

Could Adventure Wednesday get any more adventure-y?

By this time, we (me) were spent and it was time to call it a day. We made it home safely and finished off the afternoon as any true adventurer would...


Now, do I really have to go in to work tomorrow?


  1. I pretty much think you are the best mom ever! xoxo

  2. I love this!! You are such a great mother :)

  3. Now that I know how to post comments, I gotta say that this day was awesome, ya know, since you came to see me! And Tim is ridiculous.


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