Puke, Pinatas and January thus far

posted on: Sunday, January 16, 2011

Just when I thought nothing exciting was going to happen this weekend...PUKE!

Poor Wes, either the flu or an overdose of candy and popcorn with Grandpa resulted in an all night puking extravaganza yesterday.

Josh and I took turns "sleeping" (I use that term loosely) with him in his bed last night. I got the 9:00-3:30 shift, Josh took 3:30-8:00

The poor little guy was miserable, buuuuuuuuuuut on the up side he is extra cute and cuddly when he's sick.

Josh and Wes watching "those yellow guys" aka the Simpsons

In other news,

Before the puking commenced we spent Saturday turning the basement into a real playroom for Wes and #2

It's legit


Josh and I celebrated our 4th anniversary a few days ago with a movie (True Grit) ((so awesome)) and dinner here

(((I just learned how to turn a word into a link)))


I had an excuse to bust out my new makeup skills for Marisa's birthday party last week

Happy Ventequatronera Mylisa!


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