A Fresh Face for the New Year

posted on: Monday, January 3, 2011

Dreams Do Come True!

January 3rd, 2011 - the day I have been waiting for since my first attempt to wear mascara at the approximate age of 11. Today, I got to cash in my most anticipated Christmas present.

{remember this?}

I met with a sweet lady named Monique Hahn who has been doing makeup in L.A. for years and only recently moved back to the area (her hometown) to begin work here.

We met at her house in East Cleveland and she spent two glorious hours reviewing all the basics about makeup, brushes and applications that a girl would need to (probably already should) know.

I can't really explain my complete lack of knowledge when it comes to makeup. Maybe, it's because I never had an older sister to teach me the ropes or a mom who cared much about it, but whatever the reason be until today I have only dreamed of being able to pick up a compact of eye shadow and know what to do with it.

I mean where do you even start?

So, it was pretty great when my husband arranged this for me.  How many men do you know that would spend weeks researching makeup artists for their wives? That's love, baby.

Anyway, Monique gave me lots of good tips and I took very detailed notes (cuz I'm a dork like that and seriously, I'm supposed to be able to Do This All On My Own Now).

So, I hope to be able to post my final results picture soon and I hope I can make myself look half as good as Monique did.

But first, I'm off to spend lots more of my husband's hard earned money at Sephora... wish me luck!

And if you want to employ the talents of the lovely Miss Monique you can find her here http://www.moniquemakeup.com/ 

(you know you want to)


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