Nesting? Already?

posted on: Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I once heard about a lady who days before going into labor could be found outside her house, on her hands and knees, scrubbing each and every rock in her garden bed, because they had to be clean for the baby. Obviously.

I haven't quite reached that point (yet), but I'm this close.
And I still have three months to go.
Help me.

Basically I'm beginning to spaz out about all things baby and not so baby related, but are all things that MUST be taken care of before D-day.

See... I even made a list (a shared Google Doc actually (so Josh has access to it as well - just what he wanted))

Paint/Fix trim in Weston’s room and our room
Hang light fixture in Baby’s room
New light for baby’s closet
New shelves for baby’s closet
Dry clean all crib and bassinet bedding
Wash all baby clothes and set up dresser
Organize/clean basement and toys

New diaper bag(s), pacifiers, bottle/breastfeeding stuff, washcloths, creams, bouncer, monitor, mattress pad, swaddler, high chair pad?
Have carpets, furniture, bed and rugs cleaned
Sign up for hypnobirthing classes

Maternity photos
Get cars cleaned, mirrors installed, car seats inspected
Organize Kitchen cupboards for bottles, bibs, formula storage etc
Discuss babysitting arrangements with Jennifer

And yes, I have only accomplished two of these things so far, hence the freak out.

And that's not even the worst of it. What I'm really spazzing out about are two completely different but equally serious issues:

Problem #1 -  My bedroom needs re-decorated

I can't bear the thought of bringing a new baby into our home with our bedroom in it's current mangy state. Why would a baby care? It wouldn't, it can only see a few inches in front of it's face. But I do. That's the problem. I have been down right drooling over these nightstands and trying to contort my checkbook in such a way that would allow me to save them from their unmistakable lonesomeness and bring them here to stay with me in their rightful home - but, alas, it's not bending.

Problem #2 - I really want a 4D ultrasound

Like really, really, really bad. All the cool kids are getting them and I'm totally jealous! Our standard ultrasound pictures were terrible and this place is right up the road...and well, it's completely unnecessary and so therefore a terribly frivolous thing to spend money on but they're just,

So, as you can clearly see, I've got some considerable dilemmas to work out and a whole lot of hard work, re-organization and scheming to do over the next few weeks, so I might be a little distracted for awhile. But I do know I will definitely be keeping busy, doing something, somewhere, to get ready for this baby.

And if you can't find me, check the garden.


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