31 Reasons I Love My Husband

posted on: Saturday, October 29, 2011

1. He's really good at catching things

2. He loves motown and soul music and James Brown

3. He's 50% responsible for the two most beautiful human beings on earth

4. Everyday he calls or texts or google chats me to ask how my day is going

5. He wears ridiculous shoes

6. He secretly likes watching Sister Wives with me

7. He only rolls his eyes when I'm blaring christmas music and watching christmas movies in September

8. He has also watched Father of the Bride with me at least 900 times

9. Sometimes I think we share the same brain because we're always thinking and saying the exact same things at the exact same time

10. He fixes leaks, kills spiders and scrapes the snow off my car

11. He's been known to bring me home a surprise peanut butter sundae on more than one occasion

12. I'm pretty sure he loves my family just as much as I do

13. He once went with me to the bathroom because I was too scared to go in alone after watching a scary movie (It was the Mothman Prophecies and I'm a total wuss)

14. He keeps copies of my business card in his wallet along with my senior picture I gave him eons ago

15. He gives the best back rubs of anyone ever. period.

16. He's the most honest person I know. Once when we were living in one city but his permanent address was still listed for another city, he called just to let them know he owed taxes...

17. His favorite thing to do on Saturday morning is lounge around in our pjs in bed with the boys

18. Whenever we're bored and can't think of anything to do he tells me to call Abby and see if she wants to come over

19. He's unabashedly sentimental. He couldn't give away a pair of 15 year old socks covered in holes if his grandmother gave them to him

20. He's always bringing Wes home little presents like matchbox cars or resse's cups

21. He makes himself laugh harder than anyone else

22. He lets me pick the paint colors and the furniture

23. He takes the boys to go visit his grandfather every Friday

24. He's openminded and kind

25. Even if he doesn't always agree, he usually lets me have my way

26. He's not afraid to change diapers, make a meal, or rock a baby to sleep

27. He has an uncanny sense of direction and mad navigation skills

28. He always cleans the litter box

29. He has my name TATTOOED on his body

30. He tells me I'm beautiful every single day

31. He was born 31 years ago today and has chosen to spend the last decade with me

Happy Birthday, Josh

I love you


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