The Love That Let Us Share Our Name

posted on: Friday, October 14, 2011

Nothing could have prepared me for all of the changes Oren's birth would bring to our lives - the sleeplessness, the hospital bills, the delicate balancing act of time, the way my heart ripped wide open the first time I held him in my arms. The immense, exhausting amount of love I still feel every time I look at him. But the change that I was most concerned with while I was pregnant was how this new little person would affect Wes.

Josh and I wanted this baby, chose it, welcomed him with eager and open arms into our life. But Wes, he was just an innocent bystander whose life would now be forever changed because of our decision to have another baby. Changed for the good, I hoped. A sibling for him to love, to lean on, to grow with. But still I had my doubts, worried he would feel left out, neglected, jealous? Or worse yet, indifferent...

So, I couldn't have been more relieved the first time Wes saw his baby brother and proclaimed joyfully, "I do like him!" It was music to my ears. And since that day the bond between them has only grown by leaps and bounds. The love they already share completely blows my mind. It's like they were always meant for each other - two halves of one whole, separated by time and space and finally reunited at long last.

When Wes wakes up every morning the first thing he does is ask where Oren is, needs to get him into his line of sight right away, make sure he's okay. And actually, he prefers to be in physical contact with him skin-to-skin whenever possible. Always touching, kissing his face, tickling him, just laying next to him while he watches tv holding his hand. And Oren loves him back with the same steadfast fierceness. Wes can make that boy laugh harder than anyone else. He follows his movements around the room with unwavering eyes and lights up when Wes comes near, talks to him, holds him. The adoration between them is palpable.

And this is why we did it. This is why we gave them the gift of each other. Siblings - built in best friends for life. And while I know the days of bickering and wrestling matches aren't that far off, I'm still comforted knowing that when Josh and I are both long gone, these two will still have family. They will always have each other. Brothers. Booth boys.


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