Steve Jobs

posted on: Friday, October 7, 2011

Today, while searching my email for something entirely different, I randomly found this chat log between Josh and I from a few months back. I thought it to be quite the coincidence considering the passing of Steve Jobs on Wednesday. RIP Steve.

Joshua Booth to me
show details Jun 23

me: Hey, Tracy is bringing Maggie to work with her tomorrow

Joshua: Okay.
me: I am going to bring her home at lunch and introduce her to Wes and show her around

Joshua: Okay. Cool. I just downloaded the new Final Cut.
me: How'd you do that?

Joshua: uh.... you don't want to know.
me: ???

Joshua: Didn't buy it though.
me: uh oh
Joshua: Don't tell.

me: Who would I tell?
Joshua: Steve Jobs.

me: Right. I feel a little bad keeping something like this from Steve though. We're pretty tight.


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