Concert Week Round 2 - Cities & Years

posted on: Friday, October 21, 2011

Cities & Years is my brother and his friend Shane's band

This is them...

They had the show here...

This is the coffee shop where my sister in law, Jessica, works (she's one of the sassy baristas)

Josh and I spent the majority of the show shuffeling between the main seating area and a partitioned off vestibule at the entrance of the shop where we kept the boys while they played (too loud for sensitive baby ears and three year olds who refuse to wear earplugs). It felt just like being back in the crying room at church, except the noise was on the other side of the window and this time I was the adult. (Whoa.)

Alot of our friends and family showed up to support them and it was a really good time

But my favorite part was catching Wes in the act of rocking out on air drums just like his uncle Ben...

side note (round 2) - concert #3 of the week is tonight! The Slackers play live at the Grog Shop at 8pm. Join us, won't you?


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