From the Weekend

posted on: Tuesday, December 6, 2011

I have been a bad blogger lady lately. You can blame christmas and all of it's holiday busyness for keeping me from posting over here as much as I'd like. For this I give unto you my sincerest of apologies. Please go forth and accept this humble offering of photos and instagrams as compensation for my blogger shortcomings. (not shown: our trip on the Polar Express. It deserves it's own post...and Elf Linda, just wait til you see Elf Linda).

this weekend...

 there were paper snowflakes to be hung

and mickey mouse pancakes to be made in our underwear

and annual traditions to be kept. trudging through snow covered muddy hills
with family, looking for the perfect tree to cut down.

and retreating back to choose a pre-cut one as always

  and cute family photos to be taken

(or the cat paint version if you like)

trees to be decorated

and hearts to be melted

but mostly...

(ok, so we ate it in mugs, but that's not the point.)


  1. Beautiful Christmas tree. I'm sure little one is already enjoying the X mas as it smells just around the corner .You can upload more photos at so that we all can see.

    Santa may bring you loads and loads presents this X mas

  2. Great pictures, looks like you had a fun weekend! I love the paper snowflakes, so pretty!


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