Life Around Here Lately

posted on: Monday, November 5, 2012

father/son adventure time shirts --- homemade pumpkin, walnut and date muffins --- a whole day all to myself with the cutest and naughtiest little boy I know --- a warm cup of tea and a good book while he naps ;) --- new bangs --- winter coats officially out of storage and hanging in the closet --- date night with josh, sushi and argo (one of the best/most stressful movie going experiences to date) --- getting ready to rock the vote tomorrow!


  1. Where is that sushi from??? I may break my laptop because of the drool escaping my lips. It's that critical.

    I love love love your bangs!

    1. Haha! It's from Big Eye Sushi in Fairlawn. The BEST in town!

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  3. Looks like life has been good to you lately! : ) xoxox


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