What to do when you live in Ohio on election night

posted on: Wednesday, November 7, 2012

step #1. VOTE!
step #2. order swensons and stress eat while waiting for the polls to close
step #3. watch election coverage obsessively even though
nothing of consequence will be reported for hours still
step #4. distract yourself with the apple product of your choice
(you might need to remove your pants for step #4)
step #5. take an election night photo with wes for posterity
step #6. celebrate!
step #7. be incredibly grateful that you've been given the priviledge to live your life and raise your family in this beautiful place we call america. a place where the things you care about most; women's rights, the environment, marriage equality and the basic belief that food, housing, healthcare and education should be regarded as fundamental human rights have won out over big money and corporate greed no matter how impossible it seemed that mountain would be to climb. be proud that the values the people of this country hold dear have proven to be overwhelmingly those of  freedom, love, compassion and respect for our fellow citizens.
step #8. cry a few tears, hug your husband and fall asleep knowing your children will inherit a much better world for this.

always forward. never back.


  1. I would be much more happy if I knew that this didn't seal the fate of my job. Catch 22
    Stress eating - well chosen Swenson's! Great pictures! Apple product of your choice!!! Pants off! hahaha. Emily - great blog today!

  2. All of the marriage equality amendments passed or failed (respectively) with great results. Yay for marriage equality! Also, so many kick-ass female politicians put into power. My brother gets to keep his job in Florida for the time being, and continue working towards creating sustainable renewable biofuels. The ACA gets to stay in place. And I'll win the lottery and donate a large portion Karla so she can retire in style. :)

  3. And Abby and I can continue going to school with the promise of federal aid.

  4. YES! Not to mention the first disabled woman, first openly gay woman, & first asian/american woman all elected into Senate last night!

  5. We were so proud of Ohio! I felt a lot of Step #8 last night: http://lieslmorris.blogspot.com/2012/11/im-so-excited-to-move-forward-together.html

    1. Ah, loved your post! You guys are the cutest :)

  6. Thanks Marisa - we better start buying lottery tickets!!!


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