A Not So Short Video of Oren Henry

posted on: Tuesday, January 15, 2013

abby caught oren being extra cute on video the other day while she was babysitting. she got him talking and he was hamming it up for the camera big time. it's pretty much the best thing i've ever watched. truly. oh, and it's way too long and i didn't edit it down even a little bit because i loved it all too much. sorry about that.

(he's just a liiiiitle bit obsessed with playing plants vs zombies on the ipad in case you couldn't tell. also, his face at 0:25? kills me.)

thanks, sister!!!


  1. At work.
    At school.
    At work.
    Any other questions?
    Oh, at work and school.
    Weird you asked, they're either at school or work.
    Good question! Um, she's at work and he is at school.
    Yup. Work.
    Oh, well he's at school.
    They're both at work.

    Good conversation.

  2. Umm CUTE! Emily! I love your blog, I read it all of the time. Mainly for the over-adorable pictures of Wes and Oren but also because you are such a good writer. BTW the face at 0:25 is cute but check out that 3:50 face, Oh my Goodness.


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