Chicago. The Rest.

posted on: Monday, January 14, 2013

***First off, thanks to everyone for your votes of faith regarding my last blog post! I am excited to get started going through all of our old pictures and posting their stories here. Unfortunately, I've been given the fun task of doing a physical inventory at work, which means...I'm working every weekend this month! Yay. And that means blogging and any other form of fun and recreation will be taking a backseat until February when I'm finished with this time suck. So, if you'd be so kind, bear with me this month as new posts may be few and far between. Thanks again dudes, you're the best.***

I now present to you the final post on our Chicago trip! It's basically all the leftover photos and things we did when we weren't partaking in wedding festivities or stuffing our faces. 

We were lucky enough to be able to stay with some of my family in their home just outside of the city during our trip. My aunt Teresa made us a big spaghetti dinner the night we arrived and my cousin Sara even babysat for us new years eve so we could go out for a grown up dinner. Basically, they're the best. And staying there was also pretty much a dream come true for the boys. Although I'm not sure which they liked better, the basketball court or their family dog, Riley. I think it was the combination of the two.

One day while we were out exploring, Jeff insisted we make time to visit the very cool Chicago Music Exchange.

It was pretty much mecca for Jeff, and also the last place Oren needs to be. Ever. We weren't exactly trying to buy a broken $5,000 guitar that day, you feel me?

So we took him a couple doors down to a toy store, which was a MUCH better idea.

And finally, could I go to Chicago, one of the country's cities richest in design and steeped in architecture, and not squeeze in the time to see some of it? No. No, I could not. 

Oh, and here I am, admiring the interiors of the Driehaus Museum while nursing my gigantic toddler during the tour. He makes sight seeing so much F-U-N.

And here we have Abby and Jeff enjoying their time in the ballroom. (Cuties.)

And as you know, no trip to Chicago is complete with out a visit to the bean. Especially for Wes who had never seen it before. It was freezing cold that day, but even so, he was pretty impressed. He's already been asking to go back.

Chicago, I think you've won over yet another little heart. 


  1. Ahhhh - such great photos! Excuse me if I go back and look at them many times today. Especially the one of Abby and Jeff in the ballroom - oh man!!!!!!!! Wes and the Bean.... so cute! Allllll of them..........


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