Noodlecat + The Pilfers

posted on: Friday, January 25, 2013

so, whoooooo's ready for a post full of terrible iphone photos???!!! because your girl's about to deliver. an old favorite band of ours played a show in cleveland last night. it had been a good seven years since we last saw them live (and we had to go all the way to nyc for that show!) so it was a super exciting evening for all of us. which was made even better when we dropped into noodlecat for an unplanned dinner before the show. you know what else would have made it even better than that? if we would have known we were getting a photo pass and i could have taken the big girl camera with me. but we didn't. so i didn't. so here you go; fuzzy, dark pictures of coolie ranx and octopus ramen. try not to fall out of your chair in excitement ;) 


  1. This post is awesome! Y'all look official.

  2. Abby, what is Josh trying to feed you??? Is this last picture for realz? Crazy! Glad you had lots of fun. Pictures aren't too bad - you know, for a phone camera! : )


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