Out With The Old. In With The New.

posted on: Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Hello, new year! Things got so busy there at the end of December that I never had a chance to do a year in review post or any kind of farewell to 2012 at all. And yes, I know you all are just as devastated by this as I am ;). But we just got back from five days in Chicago where we celebrated the marriage of our two beautiful friends and I have so much I want to write down and record that I'm not even going to attempt to begin it at 11pm on a Thursday night. Also, the pictures. Oh, the many, many, many pictures that I have. Just you wait. So, tonight here's just a little catch up post and few things I'd like to remember about our life lately.

Josh and I bought two new cars in two weeks. Neither of which were planned, but both were necessary.  So, I'm selling my little black Jetta and moving on to bigger and better things I suppose. I'm gonna miss that little car though, I sure did like her.

Chicago was amazing. We visited family and old and new friends, ate so much good food it was ridiculous, saw parts of the city we'd never seen, froze our butts off in the process and had an absolute blast. (Except for the cab ride to the wedding ceremony which was epically awful and may deserve an entire blog post unto itself. But, we'll leave that story for another time.)

Oren has been talking non-stop. I mean literally, non-stop when he's awake. The only time he's quiet is when he's sleeping. He can repeat back just about anything you ask him to, in fact there's not much he can't say anymore. It's crazy and awesome and crazy/awesome. And it's really weird being able to have little conversations with him now and have him be able to communicate exactly what he wants to say instead of guessing like before. Also, the kid is hilarious. His personality is really showing through now more than ever and he is one ornery goofball, that's for sure. His favorite things to say right now are:

"Where Jeff?"
"What doing, dude?"
"Where mommy go?"
"I broke it."
"Where Wes?"
"What happened?"
"Where Abby?"
"More back scratchys"

(Side note: weaning this guy is not going to be easy. That's another blog post just waiting to happen...)

Wes is also growing up at warped speed and was the most adorable little assistant to the flower girl I have ever seen. He just gets cuter and smarter with every passing day, I swear. He's the sweetest thing too, he says to me all the time, "Mommy, you're the best." and "I'm always gonna live where you live, okay?" And I'm always, "Yeah. Best plan ever!"

So yes, things are good around here. Busy and good and all I can hope is that 2013 brings more of the same. (But, just for the record, a little less busy would be okay by me too.)

Hope you all had a wonderful New Year as well!
Be back soon with lots and lots of new posts and pictures!



  1. I actually laughed out loud at Oren's phrases. I won't even write LOL, because it doesn't do it justice. "I broke it"??? Hahahaha.

    And I'm so glad you have it on the record that Wes said that he's always gonna live where you live. That way, when he's 22 and wants to move to California, you can be like "Sorry dude, a deal's a deal."



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