Our Halloween

posted on: Monday, November 4, 2013

On Halloween I took a half day off work and spent it in Weston's classroom helping with his class halloween party and school parade. I ran the craft during his party and made masking tape mummies with all the kids. Just before the the rain hit, the whole school paraded around a few city blocks in costume, led by the high school band. Wes held my hand the whole time.

That night was our neighborhood trick or treat. The boys picked their own costumes this year, which was preeeeetttttyyyyy much ruining my life. They only want to be "scary" stuff now, sigh. Gone are the days of cute costumes... womp, womp. Wes chose to be a ninja and Oren was a red power ranger, of course, since he's currently obsessed with the color red. So, they were happy, and I suppose that's what matters most ;)

It was so dark and rainy by the time trick or treat started we ended up only taking them around one block before heading back home. They were fine with that though and ready to get back home to commence the candy eating, which is all that really matters anyway. The rest of the neighborhood was still in high gear despite the downpour (those kids are serious trick or treaters!) and even after breaking into the reserves we STILL ran out of candy to hand out 45 minutes before it ended. And, of course, the boys ended their night with sugar induced headstands, what else?

Hope you all had a very Happy Halloween!


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